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        Oh yea, im John Derick :D. My friends call me 'JD' for short. I'm a currently 2nd year College, taking up the course Information Technology at Holy Angel University majoring in Computer Science. At first, my major course in IT is Multimedia Technology because as of now, Im a good GFX artist and I really enjoyed website designing.. But i decided to shift my major in Computer Science for some reasons. But still, I will continue developing my skills in GFX stuffs. Im now 17 years old. I loved spicy foods and pastas.. pastas.. and pastas.. haha. My hobbies are watching television, playing online games, and sleeping.. I love playing Plants Vs. Zombiiiiiies.. During my free time, I used to play on our computer shop or do some photoshop stuffs. My dream is to become a successful IT professional. xD